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2020 / 13 mins

Ruth, an elderly lady with dementia, becomes lost within her own home. As she tries to find answers, she ends up losing herself further, confusing reality with memories of her past self.

Shot in a single 12 minute take, the film tries to put the audience in Ruth’s shoes, making them feel first hand the daily confusion brought on by someone suffering from dementia.

    'Ruth' was selected by Directors UK and ARRI as one of the participants in their 2020 TRINITY Challenge. The film is now finished and starting its festival run in 2020. 'Ruth' has been co-directed with Paul Romero Méndez and co-written with Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor.

  • Starring: Ania Marson, Leslie Ash, David Sterne, Catherine Banks, Alex Boorman
  • Directors: Paul Romero Méndez & Arturo M. Antolín
  • Writers: Arturo M. Antolín & Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor
  • Producers: Paul Romero Méndez & Arturo M. Antolín
  • Cinematography: Tom Watts
  • Music: Christian Lloyd
  • Sound Design: Nick Bridge
  • Production Design: Alex Jones Nash
  • Genre: Drama
  • PRESS:

    • DIRECTORS UK: "Challenge TRINITY 2020 - an interview with the directors ."