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Short Film, directed by Paul Romero Méndez

2020 / 14 mins

After Joey's 8-year-old brother is brutally stabbed as punishment by a rival London Gang for a job he failed to finish, he now battles with the fact that this is all his fault. Feeling the walls closing in around him and with nowhere to turn, he has a decision to make: complete a job that is morally wrong or do as instructed for the sake of his family. As the pressure mounts, Joey is torn between unfinished business, old secrets and the safety of those he loves.

  • Starring: Levon Gharibian, Gabrielle Jordan, Anton J Thompson, Benjamin Tuttlebee, Harry Palmer and Kahmal Sealey
  • Director: Paul Romero Méndez
  • Writer and Producer: Levon Gharibian
  • Director of Photogtaphy: Tom Watts
  • Composer: Christian Lloyd
  • Editor: Arturo M. Antolín